System Simulation / Hackney CollectionsOnline launches
Hackney CollectionsOnline launches
15th August 2011
Hackney Museum's CollectionsOnline website has been successfully launched.

You can visit the site here.

The site is based on System Simulation's new CollectionsOnline software which enables museums to build websites quickly and easily on top of MuseumIndex+ or even other collections management systems.

It's already had quite an impact on the public as this article and this article show.

The museum have also had a lovely email from an ex-Hackney resident who used to be a member of the Pickwick cycling club (incidentally the oldest in the country). The club hold grand banquets each year and all attendees are required to smoke a clay pipe provided for the occasion. The chap in question donated his pipe to the museum before emigrating to New Zealand. On the very day the catalogue went live he found it from NZ, discovered his pipe was online and emailed a link to all his friends and relations.
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