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System Simulation Move Office
3rd November 2008
At the end of September 2008, System Simulation, one of the longest established software engineering companies in the UK digital sector, moved office across Covent Garden to Burleigh House at 28 Tavistock Street, just next door to the London Transport Museum.

"It's great to move; it's a chance to clear out the cobwebs and get into a new space which will give a positive impetus to our work," said System Simulation Managing Director Mike Stapleton.

"It's been a massively busy year for us, what with major projects for the Royal Academy, 24 Hour Museum/Culture24, and the Wolseley Group's Sustainable Building Center," added Mike.

Of course, moving the office means some contact details will change, but most things are remaining the same, including phone and mail addresses. What will change is the SSL website: part of a company-wide process of development and redefinition, the site now uses simpler architecture; clearer, more accessible language, and a neat and functional look and feel.

"The new site is intended to be a useful first look at what we do, how we do it and some of the work we've done in the past," said Design Director Graham Howard. "We don't want to overpower people with flashy or excessive design; we'd like to get our core values across in a simple form. It's about our work, our detailed experience of the various sectors we work in, and us as people."

Recently completed SSL projects include the RA Collections website ( and the interactive suite at the heart of the Wolseley Group's Sustainable Building Centre. Other delivered projects include the Subject Specialist Network web infrastructure for Collections Trust and Culture24 and the associated Understanding Portraits SSN website (

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